Saturday, August 19, 2017

DIY Hi-Lift Shackle Mount Bracket

Find a materials list at

Here are the tools that I used.

Bosche Angle Grinder: (Amazon Affiliate Link)(This is one of the Angle Grinders that I would suggest.)

Benmark Abrasives Cuttoff wheels 4.5": (Amazon Affiliate Link)

4.5" Flap wheels 80 grit: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Portable Bandsaw: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Hobart 210 MVP Welder: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Lincoln viking Hood (welding helmet): (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Milwaukee 1" hole saw: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Milwaukee Hole Saw bit:
(technically I used a 1.25", but it should have been a 1")

This is a time lapse/maker video of the DIY Hi-lift Shackle Mount Attachment that I made. I just used components, and materials that were laying around.

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  1. Currently, I am looking for a hole saw for my home project. One of my cousins suggests me to visit here and also said that here I found a different kind of hole saw. If you had more insight into it, I would much appreciate it. Thank you.