Thursday, August 24, 2017

BGR FAB: Why You Should Buy Mig Welding Pliers

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When you start talking to people about fabrication, there are common tools that come up with frequency. Tools like plasma cutters, Oxy Torches, Welders, Tube Benders, Angle Grinders, Chop Saws, and other tools that are considered the stars of the shop. In the day to day workings of fabrication though, many times it's the fogotten tools that make the difference between having a saticfying day in the shop, and wanting to burn it down.

If you're getting started in welding, and are using an inexpensive welder, then the feed wheels, the tips, nozzles and many other components of the welder will probably cause wire feed issues. Even if you're an experienced welder, and have a high end machine, from time to time your wires gonna have feeding issues.

Because no machine is perfect, and I know that at some point the wire, tip, nozzle will need some attention and maintenance, I've found that a quality set of Mig Welding Pliers can make the difference between a quick and easy fix, and a frustrating hour of finding different tools that are not at hand to do the same thing.

What makes mig welding pliers different from standard general use pliers? Watch this episode of BGR Fab to find out.

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