Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Great Starting Point For Beginners To Mig Welding!

If you're interested in owning the Hobart 210MVP, check it out here: http://amzn.to/2vFpfNH (AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK) For other helpful welding tools that are good to have, check the bottom of the article.

So, I know a few people have mentioned recently that they have just purchased a mig machine, or they are just getting around to learning how to use the mig welder they have. First off, Congrats to you all! Welding can be an AWESOME (as in awesomely painful... LOL!) experience.

However, I also know that the tendency is to buy a welder, and then want to build some project. Many times, it's sliders, a bumper, or something. Before you go out and start welding on something that your life depends on, or could cause an accident to be worse than needed, please take some time to understand (from an expert) the key points to welding. Things like:

-How to tell if your weld is penetrating
-How to diagnose the lack of penetration
-Good practice exercises
-What wire you should use
-What is under cut
-Why under cut is so bad
-Ways to adjust your welding motion for different positions
-What gas to use
-How to set up your welder for solid wire/fluxcore.

To help you get started with this process, I thought I'd share a video series from Welding Tricks and Tips on the Basics of Mig Welding.

In the first video, the first 2/3rds are focused on the Hobart 210 MVP machine, or so it would seem. Really though, the principles that Jody mentions are very applicable to most mig welders. So, I suggest spending the time to watch the whole video. The last 1/3 of the video is about diagnosing your weld and how to know what's going on with your wire feed speed.

I think this will help a lot of you guys that are just getting started. In fact, I re-watched it, and it reminded me a few points I had just forgotten about. For instance, one (there are many) way to get the drag tensioner set on the wire feed and spool.

I hope you guys enjoy the vid and can learn something from it. If you liked Jody's video, this is the first of a whole playlist. Check them all out. 

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