Monday, May 9, 2016

Beginners Fab Ep 41: Unboxing my Hobart 210 MVP Mig Welder

For sometime now, I've been wanting to get a new, good mig welder. Well, when things in our lives changed and I found myself back in the States, I also found myself without a welder. Therefore, it was time for a new one to be procured.

Deciding on what welder to get, was somewhat of a challenge. After talking to a number of fabricators, I was reminded of the main differences between most of the bigger brands, and I decided on buying the Hobart 210 MVP.

Hobart's 210 MVP is the more economic version of the Miller 211. A few differences between each of the machines can be found in different aspects. For instance, the Miller 211 has a few special features that the Hobart doesn't. Such as Auto Set wire speed. Hobart's 210 MVP has a lesser quality mig gun, is a bit cheaper built internally (so it seems), and the Miller 211 has a bit more robust exterior. All of which are decent reasons for the Hobart being a bit lower in price than the Miller counterpart.

Even with these differences, I want to make it clear that the Hobart brand, and the 210 MVP, have good reputations for being reliable machines that last a good while. Even when used in manufacturing settings.

Because of all these factors, and many more that I will cover in the near future, I chose to purchase the Hobart machine over other options. Below, you will see Beginners Fab TV episode 41 where I unbox a brand new Hobart 210 MVP, and show you what comes in the box. If you are interested in purchasing a Hobart 210 MVP, I found the following sites to be good options. These sites have consistently been the lowest priced sites I've seen.


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