Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beginners Fab Ep 38: Farm Truck Custom Rear Bumper, Chassis Extention, And Reinforcement,

I've been enjoying these "makers" videos for a while now. I like watching the whole process, start to finish, in a sped up process mode. This time on Beginners Fab, I do the same thing.

Today's project is a 3 step process. First, I get rid of the old bumper. Second, I design a replacement system that will work to reinforce the chassis, be a bumper, and also be a towing hitch. Third, you'll actually watch to process being completed in fast motion.

There are a few minor steps that are not included in the video due to time, and them not being very import for you to understand the process. However, you do see the vast majority of what it took to make this project go from idea to become a reality.

So, watch the episode below, and enjoy!

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