Friday, July 17, 2015

Beginners Fab Tv Ep 13: Daihatsu F73 Axle Removal and Clean Up


Some time ago, I started, and "completed" a SPOA on my Daihatsu F73. Completed is the appropriate term as everything was welded up and functioning. However, at the time, I was tearing the Daihatsu apart in the evenings, working, then re-assembling it all over again to drive it the next day. That's right, it was my DD (daily driver). On occasion, I would have 1 whole day to work on the project, and that was the best. Still, the project was far from perfect.

 About a year and a half after I "finished the project" (never got around to undercoating it.), the TRE's (tire rod ends) took a dive and it would no longer pass inspection. Since this vehicle was originally imported as a used vehicle or thru the dealership as a special order, these Daihatsus have no support as to OEM or aftermarket parts here in Chile. In the end, to get TRE's from the dealership was going to cost me upwards of $700 for 4 simple TRE's. I tried to find them everywhere, and in frustration bought another 4x4 and left this one untouch for a year or so.

 One day, I heard about a guy who could actually rebuild TRE's and that he could fix mine. Doubtful, I took my TRE's over and left them with him having a slight fear they would be returned to me worse off than when I dropped them off, or worste yet, that he simply wouldn't ever return them (not an unrealistic fear here). To my suprise, he did the work, and did it very well. The TRE's are like new, and track steering incredibly well.

With a major (one of the biggest) issues taken care of, it was off to finish what I had started. However, I didn't want to just finish it, but use what I have learned in the past 2 years to better it, and make some major changes.

 So, here we go! My conversion back to 3 link rear has started, and this is how I'm doing it.

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