Friday, July 17, 2015

Beginners Fab Tv Ep 12: Safely Drilling and Bit Sharpening.

 It may seem a bit unnecessary to make a video on how to drill holes, and sharpen bits. However, there are people, believe it or not, that do not know how to do these things. Or, at least, don't know how to do them safely. It's for these people that I have made this episode.

Something that many Beginners to Fabrication and Metal Working don't know, is that there are correct and incorrect ways of drilling holes. While this is important for wood working, it's even more important when your working with pieces of metal. One wrong move while trying to drill a piece of metal stock and you can cause large amounts of pain for yourself.

Therefore, my goal for this episode is to help you have a better concept of how to safely drill thru metal stock,

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