Monday, July 20, 2015

Beginners Fab Ep 22: Daihatsu F73/Fourtrak leaf spring pivot and shackle mounts.

While my progress on the Daihatsu project has not gone as fast as I would like. It is still in a forward progress. So, in this episode, I decided to show you all how it is that I made my chassis shackle mounts, and leaf pivot mount brackets.

Good thing is, is that, I'm continuing to make significant progress on the build, and it has become COMPLETELY custom.

In up coming episodes, I show:

-The suspension cycle

-Some of the adjustments that I had to make to the suspension install.

-What components you must have to build a completely custom leaf spring suspension on a non leaf vehicle

-Some basic complications that you need to keep in mind when installing a leaf spring suspension

-A few things to keep in mind if you plan on relocating shock location.

Plus, there is more to come on the Trooper and a few other projects that have to be done to the Daihatsu Fourtrack. Not to mention the possible projects that I'm considering doing on the Daihatsu/Isuzu that I'm not even listing here.

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