Monday, July 20, 2015

Beginners Fab Ep 18 Custom DIY rear Trooper bumper prt 2

Since the main structure is done, I've now decided to close in the wings with some .060" thick sheet metal. First though, I had to remove the spray can bedliner, and get the sheet metal to lay flat. So, in this video, I go over both of those topics.

Please note that, while I chose to use the flux core (super cheaply made) mig welder with this thin guage sheet metal, I have actually welded this 1.5mm/.060" sheet metal with a 50 amp setting and 6013 rod on a stick welder. So, it is possible. I did have more warping, and I also had to run very short beads. Never forget that it's always a good idea to skip around while welding so as not to over heat, and therefore, warp the metal. Please also check out all the projects and programs I'm putting together.

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