Thursday, August 7, 2014

Simple But Effective: DIY Louver Panels

For many years now, I've been dreaming of making hand-made/DIY louvers for a number of my vehicles. They are the perfect low profile solution to air intake or heat dissipation problems. Thing is, they always seem so hard to make. In fact, in almost everything that I had ever read, the DIY solution involved a number of customs milled dies and forms. On top of that, there was always presses and other equipment involved that I didn't have. So, even though I've tried a couple of times, with little success. I've mainly given up on the idea. realizing that I didn't have the money nor the need for louvering tool dies and other equipment.  What I found the other day though, changes my mind.

Here you'll find a very simple mold for louver making. Just look at what this customizer/fabricator has come up with. His tools are the most basic possible and the die is something that can be created by anyone who can even somewhat weld.

Don't limit yourself to his design. While I find his design to be nice, I'm already thinking about 4 modified designs that I'm wanting to make up as soon as possible. If my jobs wrap up soon, and I can get my shed built, I'll have my new design up on my channel soon. Till then, get inspired to create something unique.

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