Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Important Cold Roll Steel Info.

Even though I've worked for various companies in various positions that dealt directly with steel/aluminum fabrication, I've never had any formal training. Therefore, I don't think that I know everything, or that I shouldn't keep trying to learn something new. So, almost everyday, I learn something new about the materials I work or the theory behind how something can be accomplished.

In most of the companies that I have worked for, we almost always used cold rolled steel. Typically cold rolled steel is seen as being a the better material for many application because it's finish is smoother, and the off the shelf tolerances are much more precise.  However, I had never been told about a fairly major draw back to this material. Granted, in the work that the companies did, that I worked for, super minimal tolerances weren't necessary.  Still, I'm a strong believer that the better you know your materials, the better off you'll be a working them to fit your needs.

Here in the following video, you will learn an important fact about cold roll steel that can help you create a better end product for any of the projects you may choose to start.

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