Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beginners Fab Quick Tips: Disks and pads for your Angle Grinder

As a Fabricator/Metal worker, I rely on my angle grinder probably more than any other tool that I use on my projects. Because of this, I have learned pretty well, what disks I use regularly, and which I hardly ever use at all. So, in this short video, I go over a few of my preferred disks. Even though I go over a few of the sanding disks, pads, cutting wheels, and grinding disk preferences, I don't want to confuse anyone into believing that the items shown in this short video are the only ones I use with my Angle Grinder. In fact, there are a few more that I also use, just with less frequency, and only when I feel the application or project strictly merits their use. What else do I use? Well... I do use the think traditional grinding disks from time to time. However, I reserve the use of these to areas where I can't use a cutting wheel without damaging something else, or a sanding disk will remove material to slowly. In cases where I want to soften the edges of a piece of metal without changing the cut profile drastically (ie. creating any bevel), I use wire wheels, or wire cups. I also use these for rust removal when the rust is flaky, or is loose on the material that I am about to use. Sometimes, albeit, very infrequent, I will also use thicker cutting disk (ie. 3-5mm) for scoring metal that I want to fold, but don't have a bender on hand. Using the thicker disks create a wider gap. Allowing for more extreme bends to be achieved. Whatever your choose in style of disks, or pads, I suggest buying a good quality product. I've found that many times the cheaper disks, not only wear faster, but they can also be dangerous. Because of buying cheap products, I have had more than one disk explode in my face. Which by the way is another good reason to wear a shield. Before buying disks, do some research by talking to sells reps at reputable metal supply companies, mro companies, and welding stores. While they may not be the cheapest, they generally will tell you the truth as to the quality. So, don't get tricked by the savings gimmick. You may end up paying more for the cheaper product.

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