Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beginners Fab Episode 7: Full Handrail Project

Episode 7 of Beginners Fab is a basic and simple project, but it is exactly the type of project that allows me to show easily and clearly some of the basics needed when someone is getting started in fabrication work, or metal working.

In this full version of Episode 7 for Beginners Fab, I have taken the time to show how the process came about from conception to completion. You'll see how and why, I designed like I did, and also learn some principles needed for any fabrication work that you may do in the future.

I also take you through all the fabrication process, giving you general tips on tacking up pieces, starting your weld with a used rod/electrode, tips on how to draw/cut your lines with an angle grinder, and a simple way to get the angle needed for weld something flush on a piece of tube.

Since this tutorial is a bit long, I'm not only leaving you with the episode embedded below, but I'm also giving you links to the different sections of the video. This way you can come back at any time and finish the video from where you left off, or re-watch just one portion of the tutorial.

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Designing the Handrail

Starting the fabrication

Cutting the tube and wedge

Marking and centering the base plate

Tacking up the base plate

Refining the top angle of the vertical tube

Tacking the vertical tube to the spine

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