Monday, July 7, 2014

Beginners Fab Ep 3: Retrofitting The Daihatsu F73 Factory Bumpers Prt 1

That's right, with Episode 3 of Beginners Fab, we start to actually work on the Daihatsu Fourtrak (F73) Bumper. While the process is a bit slower than normal, it's for you guys benefit. I'm trying to make sure that you guys don't miss a step.

One thing that I didn't explain in the video, is that before I even started this project, I spent a day or two reviewing my options for possible bumpers. Now, the possibility of bumper types is virtually endless. So, I had had to decide on what I wanted to do. Remember, when I was originally considering what I wanted to do for a bumper solution, the idea was to do the best and quickest fix possible. Beginners Fab still hadn't been born in my mind.

Once I had the idea of the bumper solution in mind, I went ahead with figuring out the materials needed.

First: I had to figure out how to adapt lights to fit in the available spaces.

Second: I had to figure out what materials I could and could not find available.

Third: I made an inventory of what materials I had on hand that I could use, and checked the quality of those materials.

Fourth: I reviewed the project many times looking for flaws. Even though I still ran into a few minor issues along the way.

Note: Expect that you will have some flaws and issues on the first version. Even if the plan is flawless, you can't always control the material quality or functionality.

Fifth: I got inspired, and started working.

With all that said, I give you Episode 3 of Beginners Fab.

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